Acoustic Design

acoustic design
Whether you are looking to achieve minimum Building Control requirements for sound insulation performance or looking for full brief design advice, we are able to offer our acoustic design expertise to assist you.

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We cover the following advice and acoustic design work:

Room acoustics

(reverberation, absorption, background noise mitigation)

We are experienced in optimising internal spaces acoustically. The types of projects we have been involved in include reviewing sound transmission and absorption in open plan offices, specification of absorption in church and temple halls, classrooms and lectures theatres, large atria and sports centres.

Controlling the acoustic “feel” of a space is an inherent part of the design process to ensure that the end users will enjoy the full benefit of the space they are in.

Glazing specifications

To ensure adequate internal acoustic environments

To protect internal spaces from external noise intrusion, we typically undertake a background noise survey to establish the existing levels of noise and are then able to specify adequate glazing upgrades or specifications. This type of work is normally required for new developments to ensure that the building facade will be suitably specified to ensure that good conditions are achieved internally.

We can also address noise intrusion problems in existing properties by undertaking simultaneous indoor and outdoor noise surveys, establishing the sound insulation performance of the existing glazing configuration and suggesting upgrade options by presenting their expected effect.

Construction detailing

Wall and floor build up to meet current Building Regulations requirements.

For new build projects, we will review your proposed construction details and advice on ways to either save on material costs or ways to improve the sound insulation performance of the proposed development.

For conversions, we can arrange site visit with on-site advice and a follow up letter detailing the most optimum way of treating party walls and floors for sound insulation performance, referring to specific materials and providing technical drawings where necessary.

This acoustic design work ensures that you will confidently pass the sound insulation tests required for your development to be signed off.

Building services noise

(plant silencer specification, duct noise attenuation, overall noise limitation strategies)

We work in close partnership with M&E engineers by reviewing or suggesting silencer schedules, setting appropriate noise criteria and commissioning projects, identifying where there are requirements for improvements.

We will consider a wide variety of acoustic challenges

If you have a very specific query, please call us to discuss your requirements as it is very likely that we will be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.

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