Entertainment / Licensed Premises Noise

Most entertainment venues and events will require an assessment of noise emissions prior to receiving planning approval for new ventures or extension of operating hours.

Our team of specialists have a proven track record in supplying robust assessments to meet the requirements of Local Authorities.

The range of venues assessed is very broad, from nightclubs to religious centres, we are able to assess all situations efficiently and cost-effectively.

We typically undertake a noise survey on site in order to assess the background noise levels at nearest noise sensitive premises without any activities and then assess the potential impact of the proposals using several assesssment methods, guidance documents and standards.

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Our expertise also allows us to monitor punctual events such as festivals and concerts and we invite you to look at our noise monitoring capbilities.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of noise impact assessment as we offer a tailored service to suit your project and fulfill all your requirements.

Clement Acoustics also offers noise limiter calibration services providing calibration certificates on a yearly basis to ensure the adequate operation of your installed noise limiters.

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