Noise and Vibration Monitoring

noise and vibration monitoring

Having developed what we believe to be the UK’s most flexible and advanced noise and vibration monitoring solution, we are able to provide a cost effective service where noise monitoring is required.

Covering projects such as construction or demolition sites or simply monitoring internal or external noise levels over a set period of time, ranging from days to months, our team is able to cater for all types of requirements.

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Our experience in monitoring both noise and vibration in some of the UK’s largest construction site ensures that we are able to address your requirements promptly and efficiently.


Hardware Capability

Since our launch, we have steadily increased our noise and vibration monitoring capacity by purchasing high performance sound and vibration level meters.

This has allowed us to undertake projects requiring from 1 up to more than 10 simultaneous monitoring positions over short and long term periods.

All our sound level meters and vibration analyzers meet Class 1 specifications and undergo regular calibration in order to verify their continuous accuracy.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring & Live Web Results

Clement Acoustics regularly installs remote noise monitoring stations on sites throughout the UK. These stations provide access via GPRS and allow us to configure measurement settings remotely as well as the publication of live data on a custom built, dedicated website for each of our customers.

Alert Systems

Our noise and vibration monitoring systems can be set up to send email or SMS messages when threshold levels are exceeded. We also have custom-build solutions for visual alarms when a quick response time is required.

Audio Recording

We are capable of monitoring noise levels as well as triggering audio recording when certain threshold levels are exceeded in order to facilitate source identification and ensure accurate reporting of recorded measurements.

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