Noise At Work


Over-exposure to high levels of noise at work can lead to serious health implications for the employee, as well as potential legal problems for the employer.

We can complete full noise at work assessments according to the latest noise at work regulations and European directives in order to ensure compliance.

Our specialists are able to advise on noise management plans and mitigation measures, should measured noise levels be deemed excessive.

Do you need a noise at work assessment? Do you need a noise at work assessment?

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Clement Acoustics provides straightforward advice and quick turnaround time with surveys arranged within a week of appointment.

Our Noise at Work Assessment Procedure:

1. We attend your premises

A major element in any type of assessment is the measurement of representative noise data. To assess employees’ exposure to noise at work, we will attend your premises and observe typical working patterns while undertaking manual noise level measurements.

2. Data analysis

After the site visit and measurement phase, collected data is analysed and typical work scenarios are reconstructed to assess the level and duration of exposure to noise of workers at risk.

3. Reporting of results and advice

A full report is finally produced, presenting the noise at work regulations and requirements, survey methodology, noise measurements and advice is provided on the need to implement further hearing protection measures at your premises.

Noise at Work Regulations

  • Noise at work Regulations are designed to ensure workers are protected from the risk of hearing damage due to exposure to high noise levels or extended periods of exposure noise during the course of their normal work.
  • Current regulations establish noise floors according to which hearing protection should either be made available or enforced. In extreme cases, exposure to noise must be limited in duration in addition to wearing hearing protection.
  • In most cases, a full noise at work assessment can be completed within 48 hours.
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