Noise Limiter Calibration

nightclubMore and more Local Authorities require the installation of noise limiters in venues such as clubs, bars, gyms, places of worship and other venues.

These noise limiters need to be periodically checked in order to ensure that they adequately control noise emission levels and a yearly calibration is therefore recommended.

Clement Acoustics has a team of acoustic consultants who are fully qualified to undertake the calibration of your noise limiters and our optimised and efficient procedures ensure that we can keep the costs and turnaround time down.

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Having serviced venues throughout the UK, our feedback is always positive and we enjoy repeat business with our customers.

You can trust are expertise and our team of friendly consultants will always be available to provide practical advice with regards to noise and the ways to control emissions.

Ensure compliance to avoid costly fines!

Current legislation gives the power to Local Authorities to impose fixed penalty notices of up to £500 when a noise nuisance is observed and the power to shut down your business if no noise mitigation measures are put in place.

We have provided support to many businesses facing notices and the threat of fines exceeding £20,000 by providing assessments of the level of noise emissions, advice on mitigation measures and calibration of noise limiters installed in the premises.

Do you require a full assessment of your venue?

We can also undertake noise impact assessments for entertainment venues in order to conclude whether the installation of a noise limiter is necessary to protect workers and nearby noise sensitive receivers.

Our consultants are experienced in resolving noise issues further to complaints and can assist in ensuring that your premises are adequately insulated.

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