Noise Surveys

We provide noise surveys and impact assessment for a wide range of projects to support planning applications.


Nationwide noise survey services

We are able to undertake competitively priced noise surveys from our London and Manchester offices, ensuring optimum turn around time to meet the most stringent report deadlines.

Clement Acoustics provides straightforward advice and quick turnaround time with surveys arranged within a week of appointment.

We cover these types of assessments…

  • Noise assessments for plant installations to ensure nearby noise sensitive receivers are not affected. This includes air conditioning units, air handling units, kitchen extract fans, heat pumps and any other noise generating piece of equipment requiring planning approval.
  • Noise surveys for proposed residential developments. In order to achieve planning approval, a potential development site should be assessed in terms of its exposure to noise and vibration if the site is adjacent to a railway line.
  • BS4142 assessments can be provided when a new industrial noise source is implemented within a residential area or has the potential to emit noise levels affecting nearby receivers.
  • Places of worship. Religious venues generally require noise breakout to be assessed and controlled. We are able to assist in providing effective noise management plans based on survey results.
  • Entertainment venues such as pubs, bars, wedding venues and clubs also require noise impact assessments on a regular basis either when being proposed or expanded. We are also able to deal with investigation of complaints relating to noise issues.

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Our acoustic engineers are able to provide noise surveys and noise impact assessments for almost any noise and vibration scenario. Our detailed knowledge of Local Authority requirements allows us to complete an acoustic survey and report for planning applications in London and around the UK within very short time frames.

A noise survey is generally required for planning purposes such as determining the exposure to noise of proposed residential sites (previously under Planning Policy Guidance 24 – PPG24) or the proposal of new plant installations (air conditioning, kitchen extract fans etc.).



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