Planning Compliance Acoustic Reports

Planning applications for plant units or other sources of noise have noise implications as these are likely to have an impact on surrounding existing noise sensitive receivers.

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When is a noise survey and assessment required?

Noise impact assessments are often required  as part of the planning application submission or as a condition of planning approval.

What are noise assessments?

A noise assessment is often used to show the effect of the proposed development / plant installation on noise levels at nearby noise sensitive receivers such as residential properties.

Noise assessments can also be used to fulfil conditions of a planning consent and be undertaken after planning permission has been granted by the Local Authority.

What do noise assessments entail?

  • Measurement of existing ambient and background noise levels at and around the site
  • Prediction of noise impacting on the existing area as a result of the proposals
  • Predictions are normally undertaken based on manufacturer noise data by calculations and computer noise modelling and using manual measurements on site
  • Noise mitigation measures may be advised as necessary to minimise the impact of proposals on nearby residents.
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