Residential Developments


Planning Stage

We can provide dedicated noise surveys in order to investigate the suitability of a site for the development of noise-sensitive premises such as residential units under the National Planning Policy Framework published on 27 March 2012 (replacing Planning Policy Guidance 24 – PPG24).

The findings of the noise survey are used to assess the levels of daytime and night-time exposure to noise and propose outline noise control measures for external building fabric elements such as windows and trickle vents with the aim of achieving “good” standards according to BS8233:1999.

Vibration surveys may also be required for sites close to railway lines and Clement Acoustics has the capacity and equipment to undertake such measurements.

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Building Regulations Compliance

For residential developments, we offer a full range of acoustic design services as well as UKAS accredited sound insulation testing to ensure full compliance with Building Regulations requirements.

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