Sound Insulation Testing

sound insulation testing

We provide UKAS accredited sound insulation testing for Building Regulations compliance and can help to ensure your development is signed off promptly.

We have become aware of non-accredited companies providing testing claiming to be Building Regulations compliant. Please refer to Section 0.4 of Building Regulations Approved Document E for further guidance:
The person carrying out the building work should arrange for sound insulation testing to be carried out by a test body with appropriate third party accreditation. Test bodies conducting testing should preferably have UKAS accreditation.

Based in London and Manchester, we are well located to offer the best rates and turnaround times for sound tests nationwide.

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We are a an accredited company, which means that our sound tests, reports and certificates are accepted by all building control officers in the UK.

The process of testing flats and terraced or semi-detached houses for sound insulation performance is a Building Regulations requirement which we can assist in through our qualified and helpful engineers.

You will be given an immediate appreciation of the test results on the day of testing and we will always provide a professional and friendly service.

Why choose Clement Acoustics for sound insulation testing?

  • Quick turnaround time – same day service available
  • Helpful team of qualified acoustic engineers
  • Competitive rates
  • UKAS accredited certificates provided

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You are highly efficient with a quick response time and you’ve got friendly staff. Very happy to have worked with you. – J. Zee
I think overall they’re a nice bunch of people and very easy and straight forward communication. Superb. – F. Sandhu
Very quick Appointment date no fuss or bother and reliable – J. Thurkettle
Great service, helpful advice – G. Neal
Thank you for your reliable and efficient service. – Andrius

Frequently asked questions…

Why a UKAS accredited company?
Building Regulations require an accredited company with suitably qualified engineers to undertake sound insulation tests. This ensures that sound test results are accepted by Building Control. All engineers at Clement Acoustics are qualified acousticians and the company is UKAS accredited for sound insulation performance testing, giving you the reassurance of receiving a professional service and certificates that will be recognised by your Building Control Officer.
Is my site ready for testing?
Sound insulation testing takes place at a “pre completion” stage. This means that your development needs to be almost complete with doors in place, windows and trickle vents fitted, as well as power on site. During the sound insulation tests, we will require a quiet site so as to not affect the test results.
How soon can you test my site?
Most of our clients need sound testing as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and can usually complete testing and issue a detailed report certifying the measured performance of the tested party elements within a couple of days.
What if a test fails?
The tests remain fully payable even if there are failures. We understand that this possibility is a concern to our clients and therefore offer design advice on remedial measures from our expert engineers. We do however recommend you engage us prior to the construction phase in order for us to provide you with a detailed project-tailored design review.
What are the requirements?
Part E (2003) of the Building Regulations Approved Documents stipulates that sound insulation testing should take place in all residential developments that involve party elements (walls and/or floors). This applies to all new-build or converted residential developments in the UK, where a minimum sample of 10% of properties require sound insulation testing.
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