Wind Turbine Noise Assessments

wind turbine noise
Planning applications for small scale wind turbine or large scale wind farm installations require a noise impact assessment to be undertaken according to “The assessment and rating of noise from wind farms” – ETSU-R-97 document.

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We have developed a cost effective assessment methodology for all sizes of wind farms compliant with ETSU-R-97 and Institute of Acoustics guidance documents.

Our noise mapping expertise allows us to produce a detailed assessment and prediction of the likely impact of your proposals in a clear, visual form.

For small wind turbine installations, a simplified predictive assessment may be sufficient without the need to underake a background noise survey, thereby drastically reducing the assessment cost.

We are able to provide desktop assessments for wind farm sites across the UK and can also undertake site specific assessments, including noise surveys, nationwide.

How much will the noise impact assessment cost?

The cost of providing a noise impact assessment depends on whether their is a requirements to undertake a site specific background noise survey. If the proposed turbines are located at a large distance from the nearest residential property, a desktop assessment may be sufficient and will cost less than £500 for simple study.

How long does it take to receive your report?

Desktop studies can normally be completed within 3 working days on the provision that we receiving the wind turbine noise data and specific location proposals, including the location of nearest noise sensitive residential properties.

If a site specific assessment is required, we would need to monitor background noise levels with a week-long survey in conjunction with wind speed data in order to provide the assessment. Once all the data is collected, our report is normally ready within a week of the survey date.

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